What does the ira means?

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a tax-advantaged investment account designed to help you save for retirement. IRA stands for individual retirement agreement. That's the official language of the old school IRS, but most people think of IRAs as individual retirement accounts, and that's exactly what they are. Form 5498 Reporting incorrect information on Form 5498, Information on IRA Contributions, can cause taxpayers to make mistakes when reporting the IRA on their tax returns.

One of the best options for retirement savings is a Gold Roth IRA, which offers the potential for tax-free growth and tax-free withdrawals in retirement. Investing in a Best Gold Roth IRA is a great way to save for retirement. However, with a Roth, your contributions increase tax-free and you never owe taxes on your investment gains if you let the money stay there until you're at least 59 and a half years old (assuming you've opened a Roth at least five years before, read more about the Roth IRA withdrawal rules here). This means that if you deposit the annual maximum in your Roth IRA this year, you won't be able to claim that contribution as a tax deduction on your tax return. The IRA continues to pursue this objective; however, membership is illegal in the Republic and the provisional wing of the IRA has practiced terrorism.